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Name: Ash
Age: 35
Height: 6’2
Powers/Abilities: Self-Duplication, Weapon Proficiency, Peak Human Condition, Ash Breath
Equipment: Two Machetes
Alignment: Villain/Neutral

Former member of the African mercenary group, SOMA, The man known only as Ash is still considered one of the most deadly men in the planet. Covered in ash and markings, Ash has become the subject of many legends and ghost stories throughout Africa and the Middle East. Theories of Ash’s origin vary, but the most common story is of him being found as a baby in the ashes of his home by soldiers and raised to be a warrior. His notoriety as a mercenary and penchant for burning down villages have made him a target for superhero groups such as The Guardian Core and ORION in the past, but he has always been able to escape apprehension due to his ability to create duplicates of himself and create smokescreens simply by breathing. Using his old military connections, Ash has recently began to find work in the US. This can’t be good…