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@ExtremelyEPIC: Thanks man! I’m really proud of how he turned out .

:  Thanks! I’m glad you like Firewall, I hear he’s quite infectious.

Anyways, I’ve decided Zap’s powers are static charge generation. He can generate static charge and release it either through touch or as a projectile, however he must keep moving to generate charge.

New character time. The Omega suit is unknown in origin, some believe it to be sentient, others to be some extraordinarily advanced technology. The suit itself, once worn moulds to the inhabitants body. It makes the wearer invulnerable to physical damage, except for one area. The omega suit also splits open the inhabitant’s skull to reveal their brain, the brain is not covered by the suit and so is vulnerable to attack, it is thought this is a failsafe whereby the suit can have the inhabitant retired if needs be. It is called the Omega suit not only because it of the ohm emblazoned upon it, but also because it allows the inhabitant to manipulate Omega energy. Omega energy is the energy that causes entropy and destruction, this makes the suit valuable to any and all who wish for power. Once on, however, the suit will not come off until you are dead.’s all folks!

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