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CDC- Public Domain: Animal Themed

Character- Invisible Pink Unicorn

Project Unicorn. A top-secret Nazi experiment on suspended animation hidden deep in a bunker known only to a very few. All mention of this project was scrubbed from the records, including the names of the scientists and of the unfortunates they experimented upon. Until the present day, when in the process of repairing and expanding an underground water main, the bunker was discovered. All the records had been destroyed, only the name of the project was salvaged, along with one remaining test subject. the stasis process had destroyed his memory, and he had only the tattoo given to him in a concentration camp to give any clue as to his identity.

A man out of time, with no where else to go, he became involved in another secret project. This time, he hunted down those who oppressed and persecuted others as he himself had once been. His superiors considered him nearly as dangerous as those they sent him after, but he got the job done every time. Donning a high-tech set of stealth-equipped power armor, inmate 150758 became Invisible Pink Unicorn, a name he took from the project that spawned him and the pink triangle that had been sewn into his prisoner’s garb.

As soon as I saw ‘Invisible Pink Unicorn’ as an option, I had to do it. Didn’t really plan on the gritty reboot until I started, but I just kind of ran with it.

Original character-

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