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@Linea24 : Thanks. I didn’t want to just say teleportation via portals, because then there are no constraints to what Zone could possibly do and then he would be over powered. I decided that some limitations were in order to stop from being too powerful and add some potentially interesting plot twists.

: That’s why we have rules in place – to stop teleporters from killing themselves, or the universe.


Just dropping off some fresh, and not so fresh, machinings.

Firstly we have Firewall, a rouge with the ability to enter electrical devices.  Being a hacker, he accidentally created a virus that infected his own computer. In an effort to stop the virus he tried to shut down his computer but it had almost become sentient. While trying to unplug the computer one of the cables suddenly came loose and latched onto him sending both electricity and the virus surging through his body. this triggered his dormant ‘gift’ to activate and his cells began to merge with that of the virus thus making him able to enter electrical devices. It is not known, however, how the virus affected his mind if at all.

Secondly and lastly is Zap. I don’t really know what to say about Zap. I’m thinking he’ll have the ability to focus energy in his fingers/fists and fire it in pulses, however I feel like this has been done a lot. I do like the idea of him making his hands into gun shapes and shouting “Pew…Pew” or “Zap…Zap” while firing energy blasts.

Well that’s me again, until I can find the time to create some more, when Uni work isn’t swamping me.

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