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Capekiller. Captain Marcus Riddell. Field commander of the Superhuman Cooperation Task Force. Personally responsible for the incarceration or death of over three dozen superhumans, earning the moniker amongst the few that escape “Capekiller.” Ruthless, merciless and cruel. Even his commanding officer, Col. Rosenwald is scared of him.

Chikara. Kelly Takeda. A Japanese-American woman whose superstrength and ability to fly came from her late father, the original Chikara.

Romani. Esmeralda Loveridge. A gypsy thief whose mystical abilities include hypnosis and hallucinatory effects. Kind-hearted and hardly villainous, but certainly no hero either.

Maasai. Aisha Kuria. The first female to ever be trained as Maasai martial artist in her village. Although capable a warrior as any man, she has yet to achieve respect as an equal. She has sought out and joined the Global Girls in the hopes that an association with a world-renowned super team will achieve just that.

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