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Virtue. Miriam Walker. Acrobat. Original member of the Squadron Prime once thought killed in the line of duty but brought back to life unbeknownst to either her former teammates or the current Squadron Prime.

Sen. Isaac Jacobsen. A United States Senator leading the charge against unregistered superheroes. Thus far, all the major hero teams have been reluctant to give in to what they see as an assault on their personal liberties. It is Senator Jacobsen’s actions that forced Special Agent Solomon Cade to resign from the CIA. Senator Jacobsen’s next course of action is to commission Superhuman Cooperation Task Force, led by Col. Jack Rosenwald.

Col. Jack Rosenwald. A highly decorated Army colonel appointed by Senator Isaac Jacobsen to lead the Superhuman Cooperation Task Force, an organization with one purpose: to control and subdue unregistered superhumans, peacefully if possible, lethally if necessary.

Jetrider. Maxwell Rosenwald. Supersonic flight. Member of the Heroes of Tomorrow. The son of Col. Jack Rosenwald, who hunts down superhumans on behalf of the United States government unaware that his son is a mutant.

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