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Here are the newest additions to Earth-2486 that I have created since last posting here three years ago. Fair warning, I’m a little rusty on the tricks of HeroMachine so my work has gone down a couple of notches, which isn’t saying a lot since I was never at the creative level of the heavy hitter regular posters from back then. Lord knows what you people are coming up with today. Nevertheless, I think I’ve come up with some compelling characters.


Keiko. Keiko Ishikawa. A Japanese martial artist on the quest to discover the truth behind the murder of her father.

Tracker. A ruthless bounty hunter who shows no mercy and doesn’t ask questions about his target.

Pressura. Gemma Hayes. Ability to produce waves that manipulate tension of solid objects.

Black Flame. A notorious arsonist who considers Brimstone to be his greatest rival and is envious of Brimstone’s natural pyrokinetic abilities.

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