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Okay, I just had an idea. So, know how next year is the summer Olympics? What if, during the weeks around then, we have a heromachine olympics. So, for a few weeks before, we’d have a list of, say, maybe the best 20 machiners on here. Over that time, people can vote for who they think is the top ten. Then, when it starts, the first top ten (or whatever number) compete in hero machine skill games. Like character design contests, but only they can enter, and it’s things like shading, posing, costume design, best overall, etc. There’d be a group of 3-5 moderators/trusted members that would be the judges for the submissions, and there’d be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place character. At the end, the person who did the best get’s first, person who did the second best get’s second, etc. I think that would be awesome, to be able to see the best machiners in an epic battle, creating the best characters they can. At least I think it’d be cool.