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CDC- Do a Thing

I had to finish this tonight. I was paranoid I’d reload it tomorrow and all the layers would be out of order and all the masking would be messed up. So finish it I did.

I wanted to do something a little different with my characters. I write a lot of warriors and when I use the Machine, I make a lot of battles and ‘action’ shots. So instead I made a quiet moment. Aura and Aldar, Warriors and future monarchs, taking some time alone during the bustle of their wedding day. They predominantly wear green, which is a sacred color (as it is a mix of blue and yellow, the two colors symbolizing the sun goddess and river god). They wear only limited jewelry; earrings, the Warrior neckrings, and Aura wears her Warrior’s Crown. The royal family of this land (a desert bisected by a great river) bears tattoos of the Sun embraced by a River wave, and so when they wed, Aura takes one also. The dragons on her sleeves are the symbol of her own homeland (the southern neighbor of the desert). They also wear their Blades at their sides, as this is a peaceful event, rather than in regular back harness.

Edit- Link here to picture, as it doesn’t seem to want to upload.