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Behold the great unholy… Necromancer!!!

Like your usual Necromancers, Necromancers rely on the undead to defend them from any who opposes them. The Necromancer resists dark and earth damage by 60%. They can do 30% more damage with both dark and earth elemental attacks. While the undead attacks the opponent, the Necromancer absorbs both health and mana from each hit. Lastly, the Necromancer has a last skill to summon “The Great Death Lord” that can do 900% more damage than the normal undead, but once summoned, you lose 80% of health and mana. Feel and embrace the darkness with in you. Take advantage of your evil dark powers to control a great undead army. With you and your army, you will become unstoppable to anything that stands in your way. The choice is up to you.<b></b><i></i><u></u>

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