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Finally Finished another WarWear Upgrade system. Allow me to introduce the WarWear Howitzer, the heavy support system of choice for the modern military. This particular suit is equipped with dual shoulder mounted missile launchers, carries an automatic recoilless rifle and is painted in a hill/rocky badlands camouflage scheme.

Note that the missile launchers swivel and drop, recessing into the back of the system when not in use, and hold enough ammo for 4 rounds each. The basic ARR fires 40mm rounds which come in a variety of payloads (such as Depleted Uranium & High Explosive rounds) in 5 round ammo clips – the system has internal storage for 8 such clips.

The Howitzer has the latest in HUD display technology and advanced fire control systems that virtually guarantee a solid strike on any target, and the system is hardened against EMP and the presence of a pilot prevents any chance of remote hacking of the system as has been found to be a weakness in drone technology.

If you want your army to be equipped with the latest hardware, go no further than WarWear.

Note: each purchase of 12 or more units comes with a reserve WarWear Base suit.

For that cutting edge upgrade ask about our new Plasma or Laser Rifle packages.

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