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Behold… The Hip Hop Artist!!!!


As you may be wondering, “Hip hop artists doesn’t have to do with fantasy”. Well, I know that, I just wanted to add extra stuff to this category to have fun. Here’s the thing, The hip hop artist doesn’t have to use any swords or any other physical weapons. The only weapons they have are they’re words and dancing. A hip hop artist’s words can either persuade their enemies to do the right thing or motivate them to do evil and devious things, the choice is up to you. Dancing can morph you to anything you want and it can confuse your enemies causing them to hurt themselves. They can also use their goblin companion to do the finishing move that does 900% damage, but the cooldown is 1hour long and also it will slow down your cooldown on other skills by 80%.

Good hip hop artists are resistant to light damage and can easily destroy their enemies without violence in their words. Evil hip hop artists are resistant to dark damage and they can easily destroy their enemies of motivating them of hurting other people and themselves. They are both resistant to nature damage as they can morph like druids, except they can morph into anything instead of animals.

Hip Hop Artist’s comment: ” Sticks and stones will break your bones, also words do hurt you. Remember that.”

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