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The Cold Bezerker!!!

You are a crazy warrior thirsty for bloody combat and will not give up until the enemy is shredded to pieces. As you rage, you’re resistant to fire, frost, and dark elements. The reason why you resist darkness, it’s because you’re armor and weapons are fused with darkness as you rage in combat showing no mercy. When ever you think about the past, you become bitter and your darkness becomes stronger. If you think about the past too long, you will be an unstoppable insane dark warrior as you walk the path of rage and darkness. Not even the most powerful mage will stop you from roaming the path of darkness. The only people that will have a chance of defeating you are druids, priests, and paladins as they roam the path in forgiveness. Your main weakness is light as it shines on your bitterness and hatred against the world.

Bezerker’s Comment: “You pathetic weakling. You dare challenge me?! I will break your bones and slice you in half if you get in my way again!!”

Q: If this was a game would you have fun with this armor?

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