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Thank you so much everyone! I’ve been rotten sick all week (while working straight through), so it was really nice to get back and see so many nice comments!

CDC- Fire

Immolative Precipitation

500% base weapon damage
Skill Level Required- Master
Mana Cost- 75
Duration- 25 seconds
Cooldown- 10 minutes
Area of Effect- 50 m
Affected Targets burn for 75% base weapon damage for 1 minute
Splash Damage, Friendly Fire possible
Requires 15 points in Pyromancy and Level 25

One of the penultimate spells of the fire mage, this is not a spell designed for delicate or precision striking. It is instead a literal rain of hellish fire across a wide swath, burning all in its wake. While able to turn the tide of battle completely, it is best to exercise extreme caution. It was first developed by Archmage Garielldria the Verbose, when she sought to push the limits of pyromancy.

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