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Nu is just incredible! Your Guardian Angel is really cool too. May I ask how you made the wings? I’ve been trying for a similar effect, myself.

Thanks man! The wings are just the general wings under the wings category. However, I darken them with a grey and highlight them with white. Once that is done, I go back with a highlight of skyish blue and layer it under the white highlights.

Dude, you’d better come back to this thread soon, because it has been decided (by me, after having just gone through your entire gallery) that you MUST do a Power User Profile, preferably right at this very second.

It’s nice to be missed! I just started college again and been going through some personal things, which kills my motivation. Need to put some elbow grease into my imagination again! I’m not gone, just lurking in the shadows…after all…I am a Ubiquitous Pixel