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Thanks Nug! I hope if nothing else, the gallery is a good study in improvement in ‘machining.

CDC: Colorful

Aubergine and Cerulean- In a world of many super-powered people, lived newlywed low-level heroes Jay Stevens and Elena Cruz (respectively Purple Flash and Sky Girl). Realizing they needed an edge in the competitive hero business, they ditched their former identities entirely and went in a new direction. Marketing themselves as a more refined breed of hero (with this promotional image included), they became Aubergine and Cerulean. They complemented these new names with costumes drawn from steampunk, Neo-Victorian, and noir inspirations (at least, if their PR team is to be believed). Aubergine is a speedster, and Cerulean is a flier with control over the winds. They first met when they both responded to a bank robbery being carried out by the nefarious Baron von Glock.

I came up with this idea at work. It started out kind of silly, with these haughty, snobby heroes. Then it became this jaded and cynical world where heroes are common and they market themselves and do PR and stunts and reality shows and whatnot to get ahead (not to mention the over-the-top costumes).

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