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72 hours ago…
“And reports are still coming in the car bomb attack outside the police station.
While it’s still not clear who is behind this attack,the police have released the names of two officers killed today.
Officers Jacobine Jewell, aged 46 and Viktor Johansen, aged 23…”

72 hours later , July 4, 2014

Katherine Lee lowered the machine gun, everything had happen so fast, in one minute her would had changed.
The mobsters car bomb had blown her aunt away leaving her with no one.
No save her old school friend Juanita Johansen.

Now they where both waiting nervously in an dirty alley with loaded gun for the goons of the man responsible.

“You ready to do this Juanita? becoming vigilante’s is a big step.”
“Nero has to pay for this, Viktor he was my brother, you know that Kat.
Now are you going to show me what you leant in army or not..”

And now the exports working again here’s the finshed pic

“What did say Comhghán has the goods.”Sadb grinned.
The good where a shirt of iron plates and bronze small sword.
She fastened the shirt and buckled up her belt.
“Well where do we start?”