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CDC- It’s All Greek to Me

I was SO excited to see this was the theme this week. The only problem was, I had too many ideas. This is my second pic. The first one I made and I don’t like it, so it got scrapped in favor of something different.

So, my entry- the gods of war face each other down on Mt. Olympus. Ares wears standard bronze hoplite armor, and his Corinthian helmet has a transverse instead of lateral crest, as could been seen on Spartan commanders, much like the lambda painted on his shield and the scarlet cloak on his back.

Like the Athena Parthenos statue, Athena wears gold and ivory, in contrast to Ares. Out of battle, she wears her helmet pushed up on her head, in this case more resembling the Chalcidian style than the more recognizable Corinthian. She wears the head of the gorgon Medusa on her cuirass (breastplate), although she also uses it to decorate her shield.

(can you tell Greek history and mythology is my thing?)

Edit: %$#^*&! So it won’t let me upload a .png or a .jpeg tonight. So here’s the link from deviantart.