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Thanks a lot guys! It’s good to be back 🙂

More creatures!


These highly rare birds are only ever encountered along the northern Black Sea coastline. They are solitary hunters with a wingspan of three to four foot and an innate magical ability to manipulate pyrotropic fields, or in other words, they can set themselves on fire. They are also highly immune to heat (if not the first talent would be rather pointless). Not much else is known about these creatures since they have never been closely studied. There are rumors saying that the Safavid shah has obtained a specimen and placed it in his menagerie, though these remain unsubstantiated.

Emperor Cat

The Emperor Cat is easily recognized by its fur which ranges from deep purple to clear blue, and by its four horns. It is roughly the same shape as a regular housecat, though commonly with a slightly heavier build. Emperor Cats are highly intelligent and possess a natural talent for psychotropic coercion and telepathy, especially towards other felines. Due to this they have become a pest in cities worldwide where they have taken control over the resident feral cats. A single Emperor Cat can easily govern several thousand feline vassals. This causes two major problems: Firstly, the cats under its control are now using much more sophisticated methods of scavenging, even going so far as to work in groups to break into cellars, or using distraction tactics in order to plunder unsuperviced market stalls. Secondly, if a city is home to two or more Emperors its residents will be constantly plagued with border disputes or even total warfare between the various cat nations.
Emperor Cats are also the only known Emerged creatures that are able to successfully mate with a mundane species; the domestic cat. While the offspring is invariably sterile and sickly it does present the idea of potential for new Emerged hybrid species, which is one that is keeping many parazoologists awake at night.


Despite its humanoid appearance the behaviour of the Pixie is more akin to that of the wasp or the ant. They are omnivorous creatures who inhabit massive arboreal colonies overseen by a single dominant female. A single Pixie is no threat to a human, but if the hive is threatened the offender will be swarmed by hundreds of tiny fearless defenders. While they don’t use weapons they have venom glands connected to their teeth and will prioritze attacking the terget’s eyes, neck and the mucous membranes of the nose and the mouth cavity. The venom causes rapid swelling, fatigue and delerium and is intended to cause the victim to suffocate.
Pixie colonies are found in temperate forests worldwide and should be avoided at all cost.

Not entirely satisfied with the shading on these last two. I guess I’m a bit rusty.