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1. Momentum must be conserved. Under no circumstances should portals be placed such that one does not leave with the same movement vector they entered.

Interesting. I remember reading a story in which a kangaroo is teleported to a research center on the other side of the Earth, without accounting for the fact that in relation to it the world now suddenly turns in the opposite direction. The kangaroo itself maintains its own speed and trajectory which was unnoticable before the teleportation, since the rest of the world was happily spinning along with it. As a result the poor creature hits the floor exactly where intended, but it suddenly finds itself hurled against the wall at the velocity of 2000 mph. Ultimately the researchers decide that teleportation was a stupid idea, before calling for the custodians and assigning blame.

On another note, I really like your Heatstroke. Very dynamic pose, and you’ve got to love a character who can bull rush his opponent and punch acid lava into their stupid face.