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It’s been a while Heromachine. I have been rather distracted as of late, due to a new game which is rather addictive, but enough about that you want a picture. I started this one before all of the new items were added so no new stuff here I’m afraid.

Here I give you Zone (terrible working title) a portal creator and third member of (futureverse) A.E.G.I.S’ elite team (there’s quite a black and red theme isn’t there).  Now his portal creating ability is rather restricted due to the universal axis. Whenever we move we are travelling horizontally or vertically or both, not to dissimilar from the axes on a graph. However if one were to somehow suddenly change which axis they were on, certain death would ensue, henceforth portal placement procedure is vital for staying alive. I shall outline the basic rules below.

1. Momentum must be conserved. Under no circumstances should portals be placed such that one does not leave with the same movement vector they entered.

2. Portals can only be placed in horizontally OR vertically to each other, but NEVER both.

3. Under no circumstances should a portal be placed in such a manner that exit becomes impossible and one is compressed into oblivion when the portal closes. This has been known to cause black holes.

4. Finally one should NEVER attempt to open a portal larger than twice their height and/or width as doing so could cause an uncontained anomaly that would cause the portal to rapidly and infinitely expand eventually spanning the entire universe and thus compress it into an infinitesimally small space ending life as we know it.

Well that’s me until I next surface. If anyone can think of a better name, by all means you can post it. I shall now retreat back into spectating mode.

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