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Well POOT! I missed the Too Be Or Not To Be Pop Quiz

I was busy moving furniture and cleaning house today.

but here was my entry anyway

I went a little outside the box with it.

Puck isn’t your every day super hero … or villiam.
Puck falls somewhere in between, being a trickster.
He is immortal so doesnt age or catch disease, while not impervious to pain and damage, he heals very quickly.
He has some fae satyr skills, such as incredibly sharp senses, what would be considered Olympic level speed and dexterity including running, jumping, climbing, kicking with very powerful goat legs adn hooves and charging with his two goat horns.
He has the fae powers of Glamour able to cast ilusions and Shape Change into anything he puts his mind to and also shage chage others. He also can cast Sleep on a person, and with the right flowers and herbs make powerful Love Potions.
He generally uses his abilities to help bring hope, laughter and cheer to the good and bring mischief to the bad, vain, selfish, greedy, sadistic and down right evil.
Puck is a sexual creature and is pansexual. Looking a bit like a hustler, he favors jewlry and revealing clothes and smells of a mixture of Musk, Patchouli and Pine. He is muscular, tan and has long wavy bark brown hair and moss green eyes, a mustach and goatee frame a quirky smile.
Often people who meet Puck only remember him, most recently, as a handsome gypsy like young man in his early 20s his goat features not registering with them unless he wills it. Often times Puck will be listening to the city, busking on the street with find-the-card, shell game and other feats of slight of hand, assisted by glamour when need be.





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