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Herr D

The Kung Fu Diva was dressed for the “Si To Sea” Parade when the water balloon fight from the rec area spilled into her apartment. Her efforts to protect her t.v. were so entertaining that the participants stopped throwing at each other and threw at her instead. When they ran out of balloons, they applauded her, saving themselves from a humiliating and painful beating. Ego IS a well-known weakness of hers . . .



“Just Chillin’ ”



“I Showed Gramps My Artwork,” and he won’t come out or put away his rifle. I did recover his teeth . . .

*One Slot blog contest–Bkgr/Shapes


I’m possibly going to miss Hairy’s new episode because I’m going on a ‘retreat.’ I’m hoping you all feel properly surreal when I return. Plan is to leave around the twelfth. Looks like I’ll be even further behind soon.