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I’m not dead…. yet. I’ve just been really busy, and the only thing I’ve used HeroMachine for in months has been to make printable tokens for a tabletop RPG I’m playing. (None of which were anything about “mass production” quality.) I finished making a token for my character Replica and I suddenly really wanted to do something with HeroMachine again. So for the past two hours, I’ve been working on creating a scene from the opening session of our game’s campaign.

Replica can alter her appearance to imitate any humanoid and control her bone growth, enabling her to use her splintered bones as weapons. In other words, she’s like Mystique and Marrow combined.

Replica was initially imprisoned after first developing her powers.

It’s nothing special and a rather hurried project, but I’m just glad to be Machining again! One of these days I’ll have the time to actually learn how to use the program!