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Snake Goddess

Name: Mercy, Daughter of Andrea the High Priestess

Titles: Elera Serpentis, Goddess of Earth

Skills/Abilities: Scaly skin, infra-red vision, anti-venom blood, dislocatable jaw, training in agriculture, first aid, and seduction

Genre: Fantasy

Affiliation: Tanosian Pantheon

Being the current incarnation of the goddess, Elera Serpentis, seems like it would be a pretty sweet deal: a luxurious life in the temple, constant adoration, power, and influence. But the living goddess is also Mercy, a teenage girl who just survived a terrifying transformation into a humanoid snake. Her life is controlled by a powerful priesthood who expect her to impress the people, continue the family line, and not rock the boat. Add on top of this the sudden disappearance of her predecessor and a cousin plotting to usurp her position and one can only ask; will she find allies in this hostile environment and will she be able to retain what is left of her humanity?

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