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Mad Jack

Thanks for the suggestion Lull, but I decided in favor of the name “The First” which was proposed to me over on deviantArt. πŸ˜‰


While creating the following characters I tried to avoid typical sterotypes, but there may be still be people asking the legitimate question why some of them wear feathers and warpaint and run around half naked. Well, my opinion is that every good superhero wears a costume of some sort and what kind of costume would a proud native american superhero wear? I think it would be traditional things like exactly those feathers and warpaint. I hope you agree with my logic. πŸ˜‰

And now let’s start …



Jason Firewalker has the pyrokinetic ability to generate high-energy plasma that bursts into flame when exposed to oxygen. He can direct these flames into searing thermal energy blasts, surround himself with an aura of protective flames to deflect physical attacks and is able to super heat the air around him to create powerful thermal updrafts that lift him into the air. His can also generate heat which is intense enough to burn targets to cinders without him ever touching them or setting them on fire.



Sam Longshadow can separate his astral body from his physical form in form of a living, three-dimensional shadow that can become both extremely solid or completely intangible and thus invulnerable, take any desired form and shape, turn any part or all of his body two-dimensional, create constructs and weapons out of itself, manipulate the ambient darkness and other shadows, teleport distances via shadows, alter itβ€˜s size at pleasure, and much more. When he wraps his shadow form around his now unconscious physical body, he transforms into a monstrous, completely black entity with the shape-shifting ability to stretch, deform and expand himself to any size. This entities variable muscle mass also grants him massive superhuman strength, durability and stamina.