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Name: Alister Castle (Likes to be Called Al and hates his full name)
Alias: Alister  (With Mask on)

Abilities: Superior Intellect, Master Manipulator, Heightened Senses, Technically Insane, Poised, Good with hand-to-hand combat, a sadist, and master mind criminal.

Bio: Al the unbreakable Castle, as he was called among the town for being an unbeatable defense attorney. His job pays well and his life is of most desirable dreams, however, he is not happy. He is good at his job and highly talented with words, but his power comes at a cost, a heavy and guilty conscious. He knows some of his clients are guilty of even the most heinous of crimes. It makes him hate a majority of people and the justice system, he feels the world is corrupt and doomed by us living on it. From the outside, Al is a gentlemen and highly liked among his peers, but sometimes hated by the public. From the inside, he has his demons…deep hatefulness. He finds himself a weak man, usually unable to do what is right or do what he wants. This all changed one day…
Al found a black Mask called “The Mask of Liberosis” and unknowingly of its capabilities (The wearer starts to care less about things. It releases conscious thought, feelings, and remorse. The mask looks different on everyone, it makes you act different.) puts on the mask. The Mask begins to alter him…creates a manic alter ego with unstable confidence. He becomes Alister. With dyed green hair to symbolize greed and craze, a tailored armored suit, and his creepily insane mask…Alister soon become one of the most sadistic and elusive criminals. He nemesis being Nick Arkham and his obsession with making Nick waste his “lives” and killing him once and for all.