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Name: Nick Arkham

Here is a copy and paste of his mini bio: Nick was never a believer in faith or any type of magic or unearthly powers, but he was proven wrong when he got the mark of soul accidentally burned to his arm. It works but only once and it’s power to absorb all the dead in a certain area into the host of the mark. The power was awoken when Nick was in a tragic building fire, having the building collapse with at least over 150 people in the building. Nick died, but only for a moment since the mark absorbed all the lost souls in the building, granting Nick over a 100 chances to defeat death. For each time Nick dies, he releases a soul and becomes that much weaker. He has to live with the guilt of being the only survivor and taking advantage of people’s souls. He uses his “gift” to hunt down criminals and pay his sins in any way possible.

Here’s a song to listen to while you look at the portrait, I feel it would be his theme song.