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@Suleman : Thanks man! Bridge Protector was and is still my favourite picture I’ve created, before I started shading. As for the redo, I went with a pose which, back then, I wouldn’t have dared try and it shows, if only to me, how much I have improved but also how much more I can improve.

Yes I have returned from my short absence. There were some exams and family matters, but for now it looks to be fairly calm for the near future.

Onto my new picture – Abomination.

(A little) Bio: I have previously hinted at one of A.E.G.I.S’s projects titled ‘CERBERUS’, which most importantly gave it’s name to the hero team against A.E.G.I.S. I also hinted as to a ‘Weapon’ to wipe out all Gifted. The bio-weapon was actually engineered to terminate the CERBERUS project. The CERBERUS project was an experiment to see how many ‘Gifts’ one person could have. The result was an Abomination, no longer a person, no longer ‘Human’. All the genetic manipulation to increase the acceptance of new ‘Gene’ variations and to prevent rejection resulted in a vastly changed appearance and mental state. It is unknown as to how many ‘Gifts’ Abomination has but it is widely assumed it was incorporated with samples from all of the subjects A.E.G.I.S studied, but even then it is unknown how many were accepted, mutated or even merged.

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