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My next new character is another member of the Rejects – except they don’t think she is real (except for Cartwheel). Invisible Friend is constantly invisible, intangible and mute which as you may suspect causes some problems.

Invisible Friend is the twin sister of Cartwheel, and her powers of invisibility and intangibility kicked in when the two were being born. The doctors assumed that the second “twin” must have been some kind of phantom baby as only one child was born. Growing up the girl who would become cartwheel had an invisible friend that she insisted was her twin sister. Her parents sought ‘help’ for their troubled daughter who eventually learned to pretend that her phantom twin (with whom she shared a telepathic bond) wasn’t real. When she ended up with the Rejects her sister tagged along. Cartwheel’s ability to ‘see things’ that were happening elsewhere was believed to be a form of precognition or clairvoyance until Smart Guy, feeling sorry for his friend created a wide spectrum ectoplasmic transmission apparatus or “Ghostcam” that showed the presence of her twin. Since then, Invisible Friend has become the Rejects ‘ace in the hole’.

During the team’s cross-dimensional jaunt, IF was coached by her Protectorate counterpart Ephemeral in how to manifest as a visible, tangible entity and her counterpart in the Evil Eight – Poltergeist – also revealed the potential for Telekinetic ability. Since their return, IF has been practicing these new abilities and can now become visible with some difficulty, manifest physically (though the strain is so great that she can only do so for very short periods so far, and to telekinetically move small objects of up to about 20 grams. With time she could potentially become the strongest member of the team and possibly one of the strongest Ultrahumans on the planet.

I added the Invisible Friend 2 pic because, as she has always been intangible she has never worn clothes or had her hair styled. The original pic was ‘cleaned up’ to preserve her dignity somewhat.

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