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Thanks, Wolf!

Name: Cobra
Age: ??? (presumed to have stopped aging)
Height: 6’1
Equipment: Katana, Throwing Knives
Powers/Abilities: Power-Shifting (able to switch between different powers by triggering them), Regenerative Healing Factor, Enhanced Agility, Durability, & Combat

Triggered Powers/Abilities: Fear Mode (Fear Inducement, Abnormal Embodiment, Fear Empowerment, Enhanced Speed), Fury Mode (Fire Infusion, Levitation, Anger Affinity), Pain Mode (Pain Empowerment, Blood Infusion, Enhanced Strength), End Mode (Air Infusion, Razor Wind, Levitation, Enhanced Speed), Thunderbolt Mode (Electricity Infusion, Enhanced Strength, Levitation), believed to have another mode but it has never been seen.

Alignment: Neutral/Villain

The CHIMERA operative code-named Cobra is one of the most deadly assassins in all of the world. Once a man known as Takeda, Cobra was a top CHIMERA operative, excelling in recon and assassinations. When he was chosen by CHIMERA to participate in “The Cobra Initiative“, he didn’t hesitate to say yes. After a series of experiments and augmentations to his body, Takeda became Cobra, the first of a new line of super assassins loyal to CHIMERA.


Fear Mode (unknown trigger; could be psychological; sword engulfs in a dripping, inky darkness)

Fury Mode (triggered through contact with fire; sword engulfs in flames)

Pain Mode (triggered by stabbing himself through the heart; sword engulfs in blood)

End Mode (triggered through a specific mantra; sword engulfs in a strange wind)

Thunderbolt Mode( triggered through a specific mantra; sword becomes electrified)