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Name: Tom Clarke

A remake of my first ever creation of a superhero when I was little. Took apart the smaller GI Joe’s and created him and gave him characteristics of Master Chief because I played campaign with my father back then.  He’s gone through some changes, from being a smaller Gi Joe, to making him again once I was a tad bit older into a 12″ Gi Joe, to then making him into Heromachine, and now once again into Heromachine. Obviously as my mind grows, he grows more badass and his concept changes.

He is roughly 6’7″ and heavy muscle. I assume his voice to be none other than Steve Downes (Master Chief) or maybe even Thomas Jane from punisher.

Tom is an elite solider. He wears a specific mask that keeps him healthy and stable, along with a suit to keep his skin safe from infection. He hides most of the tech by wearing compression shirts, pants, gloves, and his father’s old hat for luck. Tom was a rather handsome soldier back in the day, but was caught in an explosion with a team of other soldiers. Tom went back in to save them and was left horribly burned and barely alive. Government took pity upon him and set him up with an experimental suit to heal him with recycling oxygen and gas that regenerates his health, skin, and relieves pain. Technically speaking, under his suit and mask, he looks 100% cured and normal…however, once it is all removed and his skin is exposed to air, within minutes he will start to go through agonizing pain and start to deteriorate (to look much like wade wilson aka deadpool). The gas that produces from recycling outside oxygen also acts as a steroid and gives bulk and extra strength beyond a normal man to Tom as a side effect, sometimes making him aggressive. He is a legend among enemies and allies, a ghost to some, and a death sentence to most who threaten who he cares for. He always seems to cheat death, thus making him a force not to mess with…