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You’re a psychopathic creature that is hungry for anything that roams upon the land. You hunt with your clan and show no fear against hunters. Wolves usually get hunted easily,but a werewolf like you takes at least 50 men to hunt you down. You have a natural ability called “blood lust” which makes you enraged and harder to kill, even with 50 men trying to hunt you down. You will ignore 450% damage and do 600% damage to your enemies. This ability would start if you are surrounded by 50 hunters, very hungry, or enraged by people taking away the thing you love the most. You live up way in the canyons, hiding in a cave or a secret blood-pack  sanctuary (where you first turn into a werewolf by a wolf named “the wolf spirit”). For werewolf like you, you don’t need weapons.

Werewolf’s comment: “I’ve lived through a depressing life, but you have took away my wife and kids. For that, you deserve to DIE!!! (transforming) GUAHHHH!!! RAWWWR!!!!!!! “

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