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Here’s another member of Pax Terra and redesign of an old character, Golden Gladiator:

Golden Gladiator (Redesign)

Nora Truhart, a school teacher by trade, woke up in a strange land and was greeted by Nimu, queen of Sumina. Nimu gave her a golden sword and explained that when she uttered the words, “I call upon the Golden Power!” she would transform into a great hero. She fainted and woke up in her bed with the sword next to her. Now, when she utters the magic phrase, she turns into the Golden Gladiator…sometimes. As the Golden Gladiator she is invulnerable to magic and has greatly enhanced physical strength and protection. Also, other heroes’ abilities are stimulated in her presence. Sometimes, however, she turns into the Silver Warrior who is extremely agile with less strength and protection as GG and carries a shield and smaller sword while wearing slightly more armor. The one she hates to transform into is the Barbarian, or as others say behind her back, the Bare-barian. Sans clothes, she has the greatest physical strength and protection of the rest; in fact, it is thought she may be stronger than Mighty. However, she has far less protection against magic. It seems that her transformation may be based on her confidence level, but that is unclear.

BTW, the wings are just for background – GG does not come with wings.

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