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Blue Blazer

Name: Goldilocks

Genre: Fairy Tale

Powers/Special Skills: expert markswoman

Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: custom-made bow and arrows

Affiliations: The Daughters of Grimm

Other Aliases: none

Status: exists in the Book of Fables


The Daughters of Grimm are a group of young women who at one time were all young girls plagued by the monsters and villains popularized in fairy tales. They have grown weary of being accosted by wolves, witches, ogres, bears, evil stepmothers, and the like, and have formed a sisterhood of warriors to fight back against the forces of evil. Each has trained vigorously with a different weapon, and all have made the vow to never fall victim to these menaces again, especially the Faerie Queen and her minions.

Goldilocks has become a crackshot with the bow and arrow. She has a particular grudge against a family of bears.