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Name: Benjamin Wentworth
Alias: Arcane

Abilities: Telekinesis, Phasing, Super Strength, Flight, Mind Reading, Radar/Sonar abilities, Space travel/time manipulation, and a powerful blast of telekinesis and energy.

Bio: A troubled childhood created Ben to be a low key individual. He became a journalist and while doing a story, he came upon an alien crystal, which upon its touch, fused with Ben’s heart and gave him a much larger brain capacity along with powers. At his will, his body becomes engulfed in a symbiotic like armor, his eye physiology changes to near alien, and his overall anatomy changes within, giving a side effect of his hair going from blonde to black…which aids in keeping his identity concealed. With his gift of superior memory, sense function, and intellect, Ben travels the world, time, and space looking to gain knowledge of the universe. He is a very mysterious hero and was called arcane, thus granting him alias. Much of Arcane is unknown and yet is a very powerful being who seems to never be understood or happy. He takes a high interest in Guardian Angel for he is considered an enigma to Ben of the unexplained.