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Kevin Conners

Kevin Conners had just graduated high school and came out to his family, friends and highschool girlfriend, and moved to San Fransisco to start a new life.

On the flight there, the plane was hit by a strange glowing meteor which smashed the wing and ripped a hole in the side of the plane sucking Kevin out to his death.
But he didn’t die. He flew. He flew back to the plane, got under it and helped the plane land safely in the bay.

On this first discovery of this power, his clothes didn’t hold up to the job of super heroing, so on his first day out, due to his speed to move so fast to be a blur and when he stopped it was evident, his clothes didn’t make it, it earned him the name The Streak!

He soon learned he developed the power of Super Flight, capable of breaking the sound barrier, along with Super Strength, and Super Endurance.

Always having been something of a showoff and a bit of an exhibitionist, and not having any tailor skills whatsoever and taking humor in the old trope of heroes running around in their underwear he put on a jock and boots adding white gloves to cover any fingerprints. He also donned a ski mask and goggles with a blond wig to hide his identity

(ARRRGGG!! Internet Explorer crashed as I was trying to correct Kevin’s face from having a mouth over another mouth. GRRRRR! So I have to post as is, or recreate it. Since I need to be packing. Here is what I had)

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