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When you are SO far behind where do you begin to start posting?

I do a HM3 several times a week either for the Character Contest, of just for my own amusement.
Even during illness or busy-ness, I always come to HM3 to relax.

I admit I haven’t been posting much here, cause after the first few, no one seemed to be coming around to look and/or comment.
I don’t know if that is cause they weren’t interesting enough, or what.

But I figured if I had things to say about my stuff, best to do it here and not take a lot of room on the contests. Right JR?

As I said I have lots to choose to restart.
I guess I will start with my idea for Peckers, the male version of Hooters.
I had this idea YEARS ago when I first heard of Hooters.
Now recently I found out in Dallas Texas, in the gay part of town they have Tallywackers, complete with scantily clad waiters.
If only I would have had money to open this place, I could be a rich man now. As always a day late and a dollar short.
I do like my idea better though, fits better with Hooters.
Not to mention I think the logo rocks.
So here is Peter waiting tables at Peckers in his uniform of white shorts, socks and sneakers.

There was something weird that happened.
putting the logo on the shorts leg, a “phantom” square appeared around the text and when I moved it to make the copyrite symbol in the big wall logo, the square partially moved with it, so there is a square by his left hip and a bigger one under the circled wall logo that I can’t get rid of.

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