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Ooookay, some updates…


1. Tragically, my old laptop recently bit the dust, and with it a few of my HM creations (online storage is still a new concept to me). Luckily, I did save a few on a thumb drive, and I’m hoping to retrieve what I can from the hard drive of the old laptop, and of course many of them have been posted here, so all is not lost, but a little bit was.

2. Because my old laptop has since been replaced with a new laptop, I plan to make a lot of new creations and even remake some of the ones I lost, so I hope to be posting here a lot more in the near future. Including that Rogue Patrol revamp I talked about earlier, as well as one of the Body of Justice and those space people from a page or two ago.

3. One of my new ideas involves putting together a shared universe with those three groups I just mentioned and a few you will probably see shortly. So, yeah, we’ll see how that goes.

And there you go. I’m back (I guess). To celebrate, here’s my old favorite Shaid…looking a little different: