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Name: Jackson Wallis
Alias: Executioner

Bio: A sadistic and disturbed man his whole life, Jackson wanted to become nearly indestructible so he could carry forth brutality in his wake as carelessly and freely as he pleased.  He subjected himself to an experimental drug that increased his bone density, skin thickness, muscle mass, strength, and height.  He is a walking tank of a person. The side effect of his increased testosterone cause him to become easily agitated and go into a frenzy upon battle with relentless brutal force.  He has a mechanism attached to his body that is constantly circulating his blood flow the drug keeping him a cruel force of nature.  He later become enjoined to a group calling themselves the “Son’s of Anarchy” and are a constant battle for Vanity and a nuisance for Guardian Angel.

P.S. Since he like 8ft tall, his feet didn’t fit in the picture.