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Mad Jack

Lately I realized that my universe is jammed with superheroes but has a lack of worthy supervillains. Let’s try to change that… 😉



(click pictures to see them in full size with more details.)

Gremlyn can emit an “anti technology field” that not only shuts down any electronical device within a 100ft radius but also causes everything vaguely mechanical in his vicinity to fall apart. When this field is actived no TV, radio, phone, computer, or car will work and if he walks into a hospital it is concidered an act of terrorism.

But when the field is down any machine just works better for him, as if they want to please him. For example, if he walks in a room with a jammed photocopier or frozen computer, they will spontaneous start working again. This also allows him to repair and improve every machine even if he doesn’t really understand its functionality.

Being the perfect anti-eavesdropping device as well as a very skillfull mercenary, assassin, and spy, he gets plenty of well paid jobs from dangerous people all around the world and has managed to built a small criminal empire with an international reputation.