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Oh wow I likey! She’s toe-tally cool!

– I spent forever trying to figure a pun to respond with, but my mind wasn’t flexible enough to think of one. Thanks man!

Welp… You’d probably have won if you’d got it entered. Now we wait to see if anyone can better this for the week.

-Idk, AMS character was sick! But thanks for the compliment, always nice to have your feedback! I hope to at least get in the honorable mentions!

That pose – i love it – it is so epic and still look realistic. I hope you will get COTW with Nevia, you deserve it

-Many thanks :)!  We can only wait and see! If not, it was a fun a character to tinker with!

Nevia the Archer pose is so cool & realistic you have to teach me ! i have no doubt that we will see this character on COTW :)

-I’d love to teach you! Some advice though is look around on google for poses and see if you can replicate it, even use circles to form a body (that’s what nevia is made of mostly).  I hope she makes it 😀