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@JR: Well, you can blame this one project I have in English for my long disappearance 😛 That darn thing just doesn’t want to be easy…

Ok, another member of the Unproclaimed (Already had a couple of these guys started, just finally had the time to complete them):


Again, the detail on her face came out really well, so here’s a close-up:

Name: Unknown

Aliases: Sebbena

Species: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Associations: The Unproclaimed, Antia

Powers/Skills: Heightened hearing/smell; extremely agile; uses a two-handed lightning blade; can slightly manipulate space/time; goggles allow enhanced sight; high resistance to many magical effects

Weaknesses: The presence of a Time Watcher (e.g., Warp, Chambra)

Notes: Has no memory of past, has features shared by no other humanoid Antian/Felian (i.e., tail, animal ears, whiskers, completely different reproduction system from any human or humanoid Antian/Felian)


If you haven’t noticed with these last two pieces, I’ve come up with a few minor changes to my style.

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