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This is the Goddess Tefnut

Tefnut is the goddess of Rain & Water

She was the first daughter of Ra and his second child, she is married to her brother Shu and has two children with him Nut & Geb. When Tefnut is pictured as a lioness she looks very similar to her sister Sekhmet she can be distinguished from her by looking at the ears, Tefnut’s ears are more pointed where Sekhmet’s is more rounded. Tefnut is a leonine deity, and appears as human with a lioness head when depicted as part of the Great Ennead of Heliopolis. The other frequent depiction is as a lioness, but Tefnut can also be depicted as fully human. In her fully or semi anthropomorphic form.

I made Tefnut in both her forms, which one do you think is best ?

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