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David Akimoto was a Birtish Japanese member of a Ninja guild that operated using their variation of classic ninja styles called Akurai Ninjutsu, or “Bright Ninja Art”. The bright, conspicious arsenal they bear is not meant for stealth assassinations, but as a distracting and versatile answer to super-powered and supernatural foes. Using sleight of hand, clouds of glittering, razor sharp shards, and their traditional, high speed Sai’s, they are forces to reckon with. David left the guild for reasons unknown when he arrived on American soil on an undisclosed mission. He worked a solo “Mystical” act combining sleight of hand and acrobatics, until he was forced to use his skills to protect a Japanese boy from racist gang members. Realizing that he might have found a mission worth fighting for, he became a hero named Mystic. At joining the Street Knights, he was provided a costume loosely based on that of the Akurai guild.

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