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“Some heroes bask in glory. Some bask in fame. Some bask in blood.”

Multimillionaire Barry Lincoln once had a child. This child, however, was a bastard; and to get rid of this unnamed bastard, he sent it to an orphanage. Ten years later, that boy, nicknamed Grit, escaped from the wandering fingers of the adults in the orphanage, into the streets. Living and fighting like a dog for his survival, his life passed.

In seven years, he had turned into a formidable but dishonorable fighter. That is when Barry Lincoln, passed, and according to his will, his butler found seventeen year old Grit to inherit his father’s wealth and manor. But in a fit of rage looking at his father’s painting, he burnt down the house, escaping with a large portion of wealth.

In this, he found a means to salvation; using it to buy an assortment of identical bullet-proof suits with spiked gloves, he became the faceless Stranger. With his rich suit contrasting with his own savagery, he is a metaphor for his own view of mankind; a wolf with a crown.

He is perhaps the most feared member of the Street Knights, for his creed demands people to be shown their true nature; something no man enjoys.

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