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Black Griffin

Thank you both, these are actually both continuations of my ‘Dark Ones’ Series.

The story behind Staring Abbyss is that he is a highly intelligent chemist who was seeking to solve the worlds acidity crisis. after many years of research he finally thought he found a compound that would allow him to safely walk outside without any protective clothing. In his haste to be a hero he skipped many of the precautions and went right into the testing phase.

It did not go well for him. When he stuck his hand outside the acidic environment ate through his creation and his flesh, down to his bones. After that he though himself into his work and slowly drove himself mad with his repeated failures to save the world.Now he is thoroughly insane and wears the remains of his left hand as a grisly trophy of his greatest defeat.

I think I should probably post the Background to the Dark Ones and compile the rest of them.