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These are some knights I made:

The Lion, definitely the leader of the group. He is the best fighter, as well as a brilliant tactician. Favored weapon is a standard arming sword.


The Disciple, the groups cleric and healer. He is serene and a master of many different mystic art forms. Favored weapon is a massive Warhammer.

The Leaf, the teams scout. He is a master of stealth and stalking. In addition he can track anything through anywhere. Favored weapon is a buckler and a basket hilted claymore.

The Hydra, the teams heavy hitter. He his the strongest and a master of all weaponry. His favorite however is a three balled flail.

The Scorpion, he is the second in command of the team. He is brilliant and bold but ruthless. His favored weapon is his massive two handed scimitar.

The Eagle is the youngest member of the team but he is one of the best fighters. He comes from a rich noble house and is the teams lead diplomat. However, he is quite deadly with a sword.