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Sadb smiled at Genovefa as she approached.
“It has been far to long old friend, Come walk with me, Spot doesn’t bite.”
Thay both walked up the hill, talking as Sadb throw a stick for Spot the dog.

“So what was so impotent that we had to me in secret?” asked Sadb as she leaned in closer to Genovefa.

“I’m planing to fight make, make them pay for the past 5 years, i’ve spent in chains.” Genovefa explained.

“A that’s what you dragged me out here for? of course i will.
Now we should get started, you’ve keep worm lord well feed theses past years, it’s time you wore what you have earned.”

Sadb’s camp was a simple log lean-to at the top the hill.

“I spent years learning this on the Sacred Isle, so Just lie back, and don’t fidget or i’ll cut you wrong.”

Genovefa clamted her teeth shut as the druidess started her work.