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Wolf Master

Ok heres two relatively new creations of mine.

First is Maalik, known as Mal to Most. He works as a private detective. But he also fight superhero natural threats which stay hidden in the dark streets. When he was young both of his parents were brutally murdered by a gang after his father, who owned a shop, refused to pay the gang “protection” money.He spent most of his life in an orphanage. He was naturally intelligent and trained to be a detective so he could find his parents killers. But after eventually finding the he was dragged into the supernatural world as they turned out to non-human.He later discovered he had the ability of telekinesis. He has on occasion come into contact with superhero teams but mainly work on his own.

Next is Belial, a fallen angel from another realm. He grew amongst his kind in another a realm but after committing murder to save his lover he was exiled to our realm. On arriving on earth he quickly blended in and by chance became friends with Maalik. But he revealed his true nature to save the life of his friend who eventually came to terms with being friends with a fallen angel. Belial though has a violent natured and has killed many petty criminals which often brings him into conflict with his friend. Being a fallen angel he can fly, control dark energy, disguise himself as a human and is virtually immortal. Also he has the unique ability of controlling people through seduction.

Edit: Uploaded a full picture of belial. Don’t o how to remove the other one.

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